Who would have predicted I would become an absolute addict to the Barbican? Certainly not me! At least 2 times a month I go to the Barbican to have lunch, have a little break on the terrace and a nice walk on the levelled walkways. This complex of buildings takes brutalism and utopian town planning to the next level. The apartments might be small, but the gardens and the lake compensate with a feeling of openness. For me the Barbican is a place to de-stress, an oasis in the middle of City London. The plants, the water and the bush-hammered concrete make the buildings look more natural than a sleek concrete tower. There’s something human about it.  

To fully explore The Barbican, I wanted to rent a room with AirBnb, but this proved to be out of my budget. So I came up with another plan to get inside. I searched for apartments for sale and found a 2-bedroom apartment for £1250000. Now I don’t think a real estate agent would believe that a 25-year old can afford such an expensive apartment. So my mother made a phone call that I was going to check out some apartments for her inside the Barbican. Her requirements: one or two-bedroom apartment, as authentic as it could be and I need to make as many photographs as possible so she has a better picture of the apartment.  

I visited 7 properties and these were my impressions through the camera…