I’ve heard a lot from Sketch and have seen so many pictures of it on Instagram, that I felt it was a must to go and experience the afternoon tea there. What better way than to go in the company of my mother and grandmother?When entering the building I felt quite underdressed, as everyone else was really dressed up for the occasion. I was very much impressed by the place, especially by the staircase behind the reception which had a big splash of paint onto it. It was like somebody hit over a pot of paint.

The building is divided into 5 rooms: The Gallery, The Lecture Room, The Parlour, The Glade and The East Bar. The Glade, which was created by Artists Carolyn Quartermaine and Didier Mahieu, was like entering a beautiful fairy forest. Even the furniture pieces were one with the interior.

When our seats were ready we arrived at The Gallery, designed by India Mahdavi. The use of materials here is stunning: pink fabrics with brass elements, a play of herringbone parquet with pink touches. Just perfect! We ordered the set menu of afternoon tea with sandwiches and cake. When the platter arrived it was a bit too much, but delicious nonetheless. I really liked the plates on which the food was presented and the tea crockery.

The toilet at Sketch is amazing. It is a room with white eggs and a coloured ceiling, very theatrical. It felt like arriving in a futuristic bird nest. There was even a voice in the toilet. A nice detail that caught my eye were the rustic water taps, a nice contrast to the futuristic vibe.

The place and the interior are extraordinary, but the food not so much. Sketch is a place you must have visited once, but I wouldn’t go there a second time.