“identity, noun. The characteristics determining who or what a person or thing is.”

The site for this project is 12 Arthur Road, Margate (the former Cecil Hotel). The site will house an architectural practice and we were asked to develop design proposals for a ‘reading room’. This room will house the practice library and will provide space for book storage, book display and reading.

Materials are at the centre of my project. They are very carefully considered. In this case, I started from a limited choice of only three materials: Oriented Strand Board, brass and felt. To add a touch of colour, I used green.

With these materials as a starting point, I created a modular system of cubes.

There are three types of cubes: one with one side open (these are the book shelfs), one with a drawer in (a box within a box), and the last one with the felt on it to sit on. The principle is really simple and creates a flexible design. The book shelfs are fixed, forming a grid. The seating and drawer boxes can be taken out, allowing for flexibility.