Marcel Broodthaers was a Belgian poet and artist. I learned about him at school, but never saw his work in reality. I love the ironic and literary hints in his work. He mixes his work which is conceptual and where the idea is more important than the art as an object with the attention on daily objects of the Nouveau Réalisme.

One of his inspirations was a mussel, because he was interested in how a mussel is also a cast. The French word for mussel and mold is the same and translates as ‘moule’. On the one hand there was the transitory mussel as a symbol of live, ephemeral art; on the other side there is the house where the mussel lives in: the shell, the mold of the mussel, which is the symbol for the museum that tries to hide the art.

I love the humoristic and absurd side of his art and I’m proud that he’s a Belgian.