Until the end of the 19th century, Williamsburg in Brooklyn was a place where the elite of Manhattan went for a weekend getaway. Officially it wasn’t part of NYC. When the Williamsburg Bridge finished in 1903, it was also possible for ordinary people to take a look across the river. Brooklyn was flooded with new immigrants and people who fled from overcrowded immigrant housing on the Lower East Side. Soon Williamsburg was the most densely populated area of he city.

Nowadays it’s a place where a lot of youngsters live and come together. It’s full with little vintage shops and cozy restaurants and hipster bars. It’s a nice place to get away from the busy life of Manhattan.

Some nice restaurants and bars:
-        Rabbithole Restaurant
-        Roebling Tea Room
-        Café de la Esquina

Some nice shops:
-        Mociun
-        Mast Brothers Chocolate
-        Catbird
-        MeMe Antenna

This is just a list of my favourites but just wander around through the streets and you will bump into a lot more nice places.

Something that’s also really nice to do is Smorgasburg. It opened the weekend after I left New York so I was really devastated that I couldn’t do it this year, but I did it last year. It’s an open market full of street food stands with a beach and a view on Manhattan. A real must!