The second hackaton is a project led by Parsons in collaboration with The Times Square Alliance. Locations for the 10 projects sites include public and private spaces throughout the Theater District, 42nd Street and 8th Avenue. The locations are a sampling of spaces originally identified by the Alliance for the presentation of art, as a means of extending the visitor’s and inhabitant’s experience beyond the square. The proposition is to reconsider these marginal, leftover or simply ill-considered spaces as sites for urban interior interventions.

Our group’s site was the space in front of the Paramount Plaza. At the moment they are already rebuilding the place so we wanted to keep the existing and create a temporary installation. The first thing we felt when we were at the place was the sense of openness between all these enormous skyscrapers. There was a connection with the sky. We wanted to enhance that connection but with a wink to Times Square. The installation is a screen onto which the visitors can project their own home sky. The screen has an organic form so it’s possible to also see the real sky from certain angles, which creates a nice contrast between the reality and the digital world we live in nowadays.