Last year I discovered the Cooper Hewitt museum in New York. I instantly fell in love with the way they present the art. It’s not a normal museum where you just wander around with your hands tied behind your back in the fear of touching something. On the contrary: this is an interactive and very playful museum. This year’s exhibition was amazing. It was all about beauty with the focus on aesthetic innovation. “Beauty celebrates design as a creative endeavour that engages the mind, body, and senses.”

The two installations I really loved were:

“The PolyThread knitted textile pavilion designed by Jenny E. Sabin, Jenny Sabin Studios. She works with 3d seamless whole garment digitally knit cone elements; photoluminescent, solar active and drake yarns; twill tape; aluminium tubing.

Sabin’s architectural forms are inspired by nature and mathematics. PolyThread (2016) is a temporary pavilion commissioned for Beauty—Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial. This knitted textile structure employs photo-luminescent and solar active yarns that absorb, collect, and deliver light. Portable and lightweight, such a structure could be used outdoors to absorb light from the sun during the day and release it at night.”

“Thom Browne Selects by Thom Browne, who made an immersive installation of holographic wallcovering, mirrors, and frames from the collection – some more than three hundred years old. It invites visitors to reflect physically and mentally, while admiring what they see.”