The first hackaton is a project led by RCA & Grosvenor Estates. Grosvenor is a large and well-established property group in London and are partners in the London project. The project is designed to establish a new route through the city, drawing pedestrians away from the unpleasant Buckingham Palace Road, alongside Victoria Train station, and instead encouraging walkers to drift through the quieter area of buildings, squares, gardens and courtyards known as Belgravia.

Our group site is was the Giraffe Sheds who are situated in a courtyard with the entrance in Eccleston Place. The goal of this project is to provide the community an escape from the city. The light at the end of the tunnel pulls the intrigued person into the space and the city noise fades away. Once arrived at the end of the tunnel, the visitors can choose between four relaxation zones: the beach, the park, the bed or the meditation zone.