“Inhabit, verb. To live or dwell (in a place), as people or animals. To exist or be situated within; dwell in.”


This project investigated how existing places (predominantly rooms and buildings) can be inhabited for specific purposes. The development of an understanding of a particular activity, use, function, task, operation or ritual will be key to this.

With the idea of the recently booming production and popularity of the English Southern Coast wine, I wanted to create a place where people can enjoy and taste the wine. I wanted to design a place where I bring wine tasting to the next, experimental level.

I made a video to introduce this idea. In the process of wine tasting all senses are involved, except hearing. In the video the sounds that are made during the tasting are made really loud in a white laboratory-like environment.

The Adult Education Centre has an almost symmetrical plan with a square skylight in the middle. The Wine Pharmacy is situated on the ground floor of the building.

Upon entering the building, one can choose between the experiential place or the informal place to enjoy the wine. The difference between both sides is made clear by the use of materials. The place is divided into a room clad with white tiles and a cork-clad room.

The two areas are connected trough the square in the middle of the floor.

To enter the light from the skylight I opened up the square of the ground floor ceiling and placed an endless looking wall of wine bottles. To enhance the endlessness of the wall I also opened the square in the floor and put a glass flooring, so the bottle wall goes all the way trough the basement.

On the experiential side, the design language of 2D and 3D grids is coming back trough the design of the tasting area, repeated trough the arrangement of the tasting tubes and large boxes, tiles and table constructions, floor and ceiling surfaces.

At the reception you will get a check list. With that check list you go further to the smelling and tasting area where there are smells and tastes displayed that refer to certain characteristics of wine. After you ticked the smells and tastes you like, you can go further to the “Wine Doctor”. He/she will give you some samples of the wine that suits you best. In the end of the wine tasting you will receive a prescription for your favorite wine.

After the wine tasting you can go further to the informal area covered in cork to enjoy a glass of wine. Everything in the middle wine wall area and the cork area is self service. There are wine taps in the middle area and design vending machines in the cork area. The wine bar area has two large tables because in the end enjoying a glass of wine is a nice social event which is enjoyable at a “table commune”.