The building where my next project will take place is the Adult Education Centre in Margate. In 1786 it was called Bettinson’s Library, then it became the Church Institute in 1890 and after that in 1931 The New Thanet School of Art. In 1970 it became the Kent Adult Education Centre, where they deliver a wide range of art and theatre courses. I didn’t see this building when I first visited Margate so I went back to take measurements and get a feeling of this place.

The building currently leaves a depressing impression, because of the use of materials and the colours inside. However, one can imagine that it could be really beautiful once stripped to its structure.  The big windows and the views from the windows on Hawley Square and the surrounding buildings are beautiful. The room I loved the most was the life drawing room with the wooden fishbone floor.

One thing I don’t understand about this building is the square in the middle of the first floor with four see-trough windows in it.

Redesigning this place to become a place for wine tasting is going to be quite a challenge, but a very interesting one.