One week in the year the Royal College of Art creates a number of interdisciplinary collaborative projects that explore new ideas, approaches and skills.  

One of the projects we could sign up for was a collaboration project between the designer Tom Dixon and the furniture manufacturer and retailer Ikea of Sweden AB. 

Delaktig’ is a new ‘living platform’ that Tom Dixon has designed for Ikea. The product is conceived as a set of components that can be customised, adapted and added to - an open platform to hack or co-create in your own way. The project provided us with an opportunity to experiment with the product and propose some ideas that explore its potential. 

Based on Tom’s lecture about collaboration and him working together with Ikea, who has a total different style than he has, Derek and I started a collaboration ourselves. Derek is a first-year Interior Design student at the Royal College of Art and had a similar idea as me, that’s why we decided to work together.  

We were both thinking in the direction of multiplying and connecting platforms/people. So, in all its simplicity we basically came up with a new element that you insert in 2 platforms to connect them.