Every year in October, in Eindhoven, the nine-day Dutch Design Week (DDW) takes placeIt’s the largest design event in Northern Europe than presents works and concepts from over 2,500 designers spread over a hundred locations throughout the city. The whole city is crowded and alive. Shuttle cars with designs on top are driving people around the city from exhibition to exhibition. DDW distinguishes itself from other design events by focusing on designs for the future. It’s all about experimentation and innovation. Although big brands are presenting their work, the biggest attention goes to the new talent and especially to the show of the Design Academy of Eindhoven.  

This year I just went for one afternoon so I couldn’t see a lot. Of course I visited the Design Academy which was inspirational as always, but I also visited Maarten Baas makes time’, which was an interdisciplinary exhibition exploring the theme time. Two art works that I couldn’t forget, because they were so astonishing in their own purity, were Minuted and ‘Fleeting’ by Gijs Van Bon (http://www.gijsvanbon.nl/) 

'Minuted' writes poems on sand very slowly, with sand moved on a small belt. At the end of the belt the sand falls on to a pile.  The materialising of thought, time and poetry.” 

Fleeting" briefly creates cultural order and then lets it go into natural chaos. With an inkjet cartridge, a single line of text is written on the surface of wet white latex paint on a rotating tray at slow speed. A pivoting stick disturbs the text and fluidities the words into flowerlike forms and stretches reality.”  

The funniest exhibition I went too was ‘For Play, Shaping Sexuality’, where 30 designers explored the contemporary culture of eroticism, gratification, lust and desire. There was even an SM-Rietveld-chair designed by Bastiaan Buijs. 

It was a pity I couldn’t visit more, but hopefully next year I will have more time to spend a few days in Eindhoven.