The first project of the year is always a little project to get to know the new first year students. This year the project was about recycling leftover materials from last year. Aside from these materials we also got the Frosta stool of Ikea. The idea was to create something for a place inside the Dyson Building of the Royal College of Art. Our group found this amazing hidden place all the way upstairs a fire escape. Nobody comes there because all the doors are closed except the one all the way down. When we found this spot, we were thinking about an activity one wants to do secretly. And which activity is more secret than hooking up with somebody? So we created a kissing booth. With the idea of the love chair and the S-shape of it, we created a symbolised hidden sitting area. The box with the two seats can be folded down as a sitting area for lovers, or can be quickly hidden away so it looks like a fire hose.

A little ironic movie shows the love story of two alumni RCA lovers who found love in the secret kissing booth.