When I was in London I heard and read a lot about a new place that opened its doors in Antwerp called Plein Publiek. When I went back to my hometown during the Christmas holidays, a visit to this new place-to-be was on my list.

Plein Publiek is housed in a wonderful interbellum building in the Nationalestraat, right in the city centre. The initial plan was to abolish the building. Luckily that plan got rejected, and now the building will be renovated. In the time before the renovations start, Plein Publiek has been installed there as a temporary seasonal concept place.

The initiators, Thomas Wijnen and Yves Schellekens, installed 300 m2 of greenery in the courtyard of the buildings. This greenery is a playground for entertainment, art and food.

Plein Publiek is a seasonal concept. Everything changes with the seasons: the program, the menu, the decoration and the activities.

I went to this place three times and every time there was a long queue, but it was worth waiting for. When I finally got in, I entered a tropical arty and trendy oase that’s shut off from the busy city life. The place was full of happy vibes. It’s a place where you can have a nice chat with someone and at the same time get a bit closer to the dance floor and let yourself go on delightful beats.