A lot has been writte about the Alex Chinneck’s sculpture, ‘A bullet from a shooting star’. When I arrived at the North Greenwich tube station, I couldn’t find the sculpture. I thought it was much bigger. That was a small disappointment. However, the surroundings of the sculpture are amazing. The place does not feel like London at all, although the skyline of London is very present.

About the project:

In collaboration with Greenwich Peninsula, the London Design Festival has commissioned British artist Alex Chinneck to create this site-specific installation that plays with the industrial language of the peninsula. This site was once home to the largest oil and gas works in Europe and an artillery works. The sculpture’s latticed construction and materiality reflect architectural structures across the peninsula, particulary that of the new-redundant gas tower. ‘A bullet from a shooting star’ comprises 466 pieces of steel and over 1,000 engineered connection points, all constructed from a combined length of 1186 metres of steel weighing 15 tons. The project is a feat of engineering made possible in partnership with specialist fabricators and engineers.

- Alex Chinneck, A bullet from a shooting star