The Autumn term assignment is all about proximities.

“Proximity, noun. The fact, condition, or position of being near or close by in space; nearness.”

This project is primarily concerned with developing and understanding of existing places be they a room, a building, a street, a district, a town or a city. The relationship of these elements to their context is of particular interest.

My building was the Arlington House, which on first sight looks like a dirty, grungy, abandoned building. But after looking closer and doing a lot of research, I discovered its discrete beauty. The Brutalist architecture was actually very clever. The East and West facades of the building imitate the waves breaking on the beach and enable flats in the building to have both waterfront  and country side views.

When I walked through the hallways, I felt really claustrophobic, like there was no end.

We made a section model from the beach until the railways to see the connection between those and Arlington House. By making the section model from Arlington House by hand, we discovered that it’s actually only repetition and piling up the floors.

I wanted to open up the building and I found inspiration in the S-cube of the tetris game. By making a composition of tetris cubes, I created a two-floored grid. Transferring that idea to the existing building, I kept the existing structure and just took away walls and some floors to create two story apartments. Some apartments have the view on both sides of the building and others have more views on the same side. In the end the building became a playful and more aerial space.