Not only the sandy beaches attracted the Londoners to Margate, but also the Dreamland amusement park situated in the city centre. It was opened in 1920. In 2003 Dreamland closed its doors and was supposed to be redeveloped. After public pressure against the redevelopment, Dreamland was preserverd but remained unused. Nowadays Dreamland is planning to open again, but there’s still a lot of work to do.

Next to Dreamland we find the Arlington Building with Arlington Square and a multi-level car park attached to it. Arlington House is a 58-metre high eighteen-storey residential apartment block. It was built in 1964, has 142 apartments, and was designed by Russell Diplock & Associates. The building is a typical Brutalist building because of the use of heavy materials like concrete and its minimalistic form. The East and West facades of the building imitate the waves breaking on the beach and enable flats in the building to have both waterfront and country side views. Arlington Square and the car park are still closed and abandoned.

At the moment Margate looks a bit like a ghost town, but there are plans to make it attractive again.