I discovered a little bit more about London by joining a walking club. With the walking club we went to the city of London. We started our tour on the London Bridge at the Southbank side and ended our tour at Farringdon. During the tour the teacher told us about the history of the City of London. We walked past the Leadenhall Market, which is a really nice after work drinking place. Next to the Leadenhall Market is the Lloyds Building which reminded me of Le centre Pompidou in Paris. A funny thing during the tour was that we went into an underground car park and all of a sudden—hidden between the cars—there was a piece of the London wall made visible with a spotlight.

A very peacefully hidden garden in the heart of London is Postman’s Park. A lovely little memorial wall, Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice, is built there between the greenery and the trees. It’s a wall covered with nameplates of heroes who sacrificed their lives by saving others.