IKEA versus ME

Two weeks before my move to London I placed an order at the online Ikea shop.

Delivery was planned on 22 October. My father insisted on coming to my place that day in order to help me to put everything together.

Normally, IKEA sends a text message one hour before delivery. At 5pm however, I still hadn’t received a message from them. Apparently they didn’t find my address and didn’t send me a message because I gave them a Belgium telephone number (I placed the order when I was still living in Belgium and didn’t have an English number yet).  Instead of alerting me, they just went to the next costumer.

The thing is that my studio was completely unfurnished at that point. I didn’t even have a bed. When I asked with some urgency if they could deliver the order later on the day, they replied they were sorry, and that I would have to wait for … a week!

This prompted me to an emergency solution. I made a bed out of cushions and slept on that for a week. Needless to say it was not very comfortable. The next week my father and his girlfriend came back to help me. This time, Ikea did deliver the goods. However, they forgot to deliver the mattresses and my wardrobe!!! So they managed to forget the 2 most important things. Living without a table and a chair is easy, but a mattress is  rather essential.

My father decided to drive to Ikea in Wembley. Over there, the queue for the helpdesk turned out to be 50 people or more with a waiting time of over one hour. When finally it was our turn, I told my story to the guy at the helpdesk. He replied he could do nothing for us. In fact, he told me I needed to wait for one more week. I collapsed and started crying. Then the guy came up with a solution and gave me a very simple , small mattress. A friend came over to visit me, and unfortunately she had to sleep on the cushions for a weekend.

After a week I was very excited for the final delivery. I woke up early at 6.30am again, because IKEA delivers between 7am and 5pm. At 10am I called them again to ask when they would deliver. They were surprised I was calling, because they said they left me a voicemail saying they are coming to deliver on 13 October instead of 3 October. I indeed heard the voicemail, but I couldn’t hear it well so I thought she was confirming the 3th and if she really was saying the 13th I thought she was joking! In the end I had to skip school to stay at home in order to wait for my mattresses and wardrobe. And fiiiiiinally they arrived! After 3,5 week I could finally have a good night sleep. One thing is for sure: I’ll NEVER do online shopping at Ikea again!

In the end, I sold the wardrobe I’ve bought because I already had another solution ;-).