I am Valérie De Belder, born in 1991 in Belgium. 

Already as a child, I was passionate about interior design. As early as at the age of eleven, I took all the measurements of the house and drew the floor plan. This is how little Valérie performed her first Interior Design project. My interest in design and interior has endured. 

After having completed my secondary education in Economics, I continued my academic path with a higher education in Communication Sciences. However, the heart wants what it wants, and mine obviously wanted Interior Design. In the end, I followed my heart and gave in to my passion. I went on to study Interior Design at the Thomas More College in Mechelen, where I felt I belonged. 

In my third year, I had to make an important choice between a specialization in Interior or Furniture Design. 

My ultimate choice was Furniture Design, as I love creating and building items people can use in their everyday lives. I love to research materials, their properties, how they react to particular treatments, how they come together in a single design… A piece of furniture is architecture in miniature and requires the greatest precision, care and attention to detail. This is exactly my cup of tea. 

After my bachelor, my biggest dream was to learn more about the design profession in an international context. After applying to different schools all over Europe, and thanks to my portfolio, I had the privilege to start a Master degree in Interior Design at the Royal College of Art in London. 

The RCA has challenged me in many ways and gave me the chance to let me explore another side of myself. I’m a perfectionist and love to go into details, but with the number of projects and the shortage of time, I learned to bring along my ideas in the most efficient way. The RCA was a rollercoaster of creativity. 

My designs have regularly been selected for national and regional exhibitions. This has given me the confidence to believe in my work and explore the field even more. Originality, eye for detail, precision, honest use of materials and the occasional touch of humor characterize my designs.

photograph by Annelie Vandendael  ©

photograph by Annelie Vandendael ©



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